Eunisses Hernandez

Los Angeles Campaign Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA

A native of Los Angeles and daughter of Mexican immigrants, Eunisses comes to JLUSA with experience in advocacy and providing direct services to people impacted by mass incarceration and criminalization. She has assisted people impacted by conviction records by helping them obtain employment, clear their record, and gain access supportive services. She has been an advocate for social justice and racial equity and a champion for civic engagement. She received her BA from California State University, Long Beach, where she majored in criminal justice. Prior to joining JLUSA, Eunisses was a policy coordinator with the Drug Policy Alliance where she worked on passing and implementing key California ballot measures, including the historic marijuana legalization initiative Proposition 64 and the felony reclassification initiative Proposition 47. She has advocated for millions in funding for pre-booking diversion programs in California that have led to the implementation of programs that keep people out of prison and jail, helping hundreds of people remove or reduce prior convictions. She has also advocated for California’s successful passage of civil asset forfeiture reform legislation in 2016. Most recently, she successfully led campaigns to eliminate highly used sentencing enhancements by passing the RISE Act in 2017 and The Fair and Just Sentencing Act in 2018.