Jeffrey Jones

Philadelphia Campaign Organizer


Jeffrey C. Jones, Philadelphia Campaign Organizer, is an award winning dynamic motivational speaker who has taught and spoken at various organizations and companies within the Tri-State area and beyond. Jeffrey is certified by the University of Pennsylvania as Social Impact Strategist and Financial Planner with over two decades of providing leadership development workshops, personal empowerment presentations along with community building and activist experience, Jeffrey brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his work. Jeffrey is active in his local community and does various seminars and events to help empower youth, strengthen families, and build businesses to help them achieve their goals and bring change to communities. He successfully helped to reduce substance usage and crime levels in Philadelphia as the Director of the South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition and is currently working with JustLeadershipUSA to reduce the prison population and end mass incarceration. Jeffrey is a strong advocate for community reinvestment and urban economic improvement. He is the founder and lead consultant for GDA Consulting, which is an agency that is aimed directly at helping people to improve their performance in order to reach their maximum purpose in every area of their life. Jeffrey is also is an author, “Words Of Encouragement” and the host of Community Voice Radio Talk Show on 106.5FM.