Nalena Cruzado

Executive Assistant

New York, NY

Nalena Cruzado is the Executive Assistant to JustLeadershipUSA’s (JLUSA) President & CEO, DeAnna Hoskins. Spending her time volunteering as a teacher within the NYC Criminal Justice System gives her a personal connection to JLUSA’s mission and values. Nalena holds a Dual B.A. in Sociology and Political Science with Honors from Macaulay Honors College at John Jay College. Prior to joining JLUSA, she was a research assistant at Center for Policing Equity and spent her time doing consulting work for a private equity firm on Capitol Hill working within the justice sector focusing on policy analyst and resource evaluation. Aside from criminal justice reformation, her interests are in international development and education where she has research background, receiving a grant while in college to finish her sociology degree abroad in India while participating in research on special education policy for Christ University in Bangalore, India.