CSI On Trial Podcast Exposes Flaws in Forensics Used in Criminal Trials

March 21, 2023

CSI on Trial is a new true crime podcast from iHeartPodcasts. In the series, host, producer, director and writer Molly Hermann lays out the lack of science behind some of the most well-known CSI tools and tells the stories of the wrongfully convicted who went to prison for years.

“Nearly every criminal investigation involves some kind of forensic science: firearms analysis, bloodstain patterns, arson, etc. But what leads us to trust these methods? Viewers who have been watching true crime shows and trials for years have been trained to assume these methods lead to the right people getting arrested and convicted. But what’s the science behind them? Are they valid?

“Hermann interviews nearly 70 people — including forensic scientists, legal experts, and the exonerated — to answer these questions and dig into the larger issues within the criminal justice system that have let the ‘junk science’ in.”
(via PodcastNewsDaily)

The podcast launched March 5, and new episodes are available every Tuesday from the Curiosity Audio Network on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to a preview:

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