Tell Corporations to Divest from “Cop City”


March 28, 2023

What is “Cop City”?

“A proposed public safety training center set to be built in a forest near Atlanta has sparked months of protests from activists who say the project will damage the environment and contribute to the militarization of police.

“At the start of a ‘week of action’ planned by activists, dozens of people were detained and many were charged with domestic terrorism after a crowd burned vehicles and set off fireworks, according to Atlanta police. A coalition of law enforcement agencies claim the groups are terrorizing project workers and endangering local residents. …

“The arrests come amid outrage over the death of a 26-year-old environmental activist who was killed by police after allegedly shooting a state trooper while officials were clearing the area, according to law enforcement.” (Source: USA Today)

Activists are now calling on corporations — particularly Emory University, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University — to divest from Cop City: “Black communities will be especially harmed by the police expansion and militarization that Cop City represents. Studies have shown that police with more military equipment kill more civilians, prevent less crime, and make residents feel less safe. The fake urban village APF seeks to create will train officers to view Atlanta like a warzone and treat civilians like potential enemy combatants.”

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