DeAnna Hoskins and others call for Rikers to be placed into federal receivership

August 9, 2023

JustLeadershipUSA President and CEO DeAnna Hoskins currently sits on the New York City Board of Correction, and she—along with four other members of the nine-person board—has written an op-ed published today in the New York Daily News:

“The New York City Board of Correction (BOC), the civilian watchdog for the city’s jails, is one of the oldest independent oversight agencies in the country. The BOC has a charter-mandated obligation to set minimum standards for the safe and humane treatment of people detained in our city and to monitor jail conditions to ensure those standards are being met.

“Unfortunately, we have found the Department of Correction intent on obstructing the BOC’s access to data required to do our work; unnecessarily adversarial when we provide feedback; dismissive of civilian oversight; recalcitrant when asked to explain their actions in public; and, most importantly, incapable of ensuring a safe environment both for the people in its custody and people who work in the jails.

“For these reasons, we, representing a majority of the Board of Correction, join the call that Rikers Island be placed into federal receivership.”


(Photo above: Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News)

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