Marlon Chamberlain on 4.1 million people in Illinois eligible for expungement

April 18, 2024

“The expungement process begins with a petition to the court, Marlon Chamberlain [Leading with Conviction™ 2019], Founder of the Illinois Coalition to End Permanent Punishment said millions are eligible in the state alone.

“‘In Illinois, there’s an estimated 4.1 million people that will be impacted, if and when we’re able to eliminate these permanent punishments,’ said Chamberlain. ‘And what that would do is that would give people the ability to dream, to become doctors, to become lawyers, to become teachers and elected officials and entrepreneurs and pastors. So it would give people the ability to evolve and not have to worry about the background following them for life.’

“Community members from around the Stateline took a step closer to a second chance of their own as an expungement summit was held at the Book Washington Center on April 13th. …

Just because I made a mistake doesn’t make me a mistake.

“Chamberlain said a past mistake should not become a forever label.

“‘I went into the system thinking everybody was bad and I soon discovered that there were a lot of brilliant people who just made a mistake and so that’s the message we want people to hear, is that just because I made a mistake doesn’t make me a mistake and that people can be redeemed and be forgiven and allowed to move forward with their lives,’ said Chamberlain.”

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