Keturah Herron says there’s “not a one-size-fits-all solution to gun violence”

June 3, 2024

Keturah Herron [Leading with Conviction™ 2019], one of Kentucky’s Democratic state representatives, talked with [the University of Louisville]’s Social Change capstone class in April, taught by professors Cherie Dawson-Edwards and Marian Vasser. During her talk at U of L, she noted that there was not enough Black and Brown representation in state government. Among the janitorial staff in the government buildings, she stated, there was. This injustice is stark. Students shook their heads at this, several frowning.

She believes it would take prevention, intervention, and then community transformation.

“Rep. Herron, using she/they pronouns, is the first openly LGBTQ+ person elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. According to their website, they were raised by a single mom and are a ‘proud product of our public schools.’ Social work, on both a large and small scale, are passions of Rep. Herron.

“When her cousin was incarcerated, Herron took guardianship of her two minor sons. Because of this, she gained an intimate understanding of how the criminal justice system can affect Kentucky families. She attended U of L studying sports administration and earned a master’s degree in corrections and juvenile justice from Eastern Kentucky University.

“She utilized her unique education by running sports programs for children in foster care and the juvenile justice system.

“Rep. Herron knows there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to gun violence. She believes it would take prevention, intervention, and then community transformation. She’s worked on bills to destroy guns that have been confiscated by law enforcement — right now destroying them is against the law, and she wants to change that.”

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