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Hope for the Holidays: Tiawana Brown

Tiawana Brown

Current Work:

This year, I was hired as the Director of the Center for Employment Opportunities’s (CEO) new North Carolina Division, Board of Directors for National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls and participate in SRCC- Women and Incarceration Workgroup/ Communications Team to implement change for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Biggest Challenge of 2020:

Violence in Corporate America as it relates to community activists. Having to deal with boxes while trying to eliminate boxes- being in a space that need to hear our voice but the space rejects our voice. The biggest challenge is remaining in a space that isn’t open to change and innovative opportunities.

Biggest Accomplishment of 2020:

Launching a successful new business during a global pandemic.

What have you gained from your LwC training:

I have gained the courage to not be afraid. I have gained the leadership to lead effectively and to speak to the leader in all employees. I have gained the vision that seeing is believing and if you believe then you can achieve it.

Any final message to the JLUSA community?

JustLeadershipUSA has provided the training to me and so many other talented leaders to take full advantage of the opportunities that come our way. To always work hard and go big with our Dreams and do what is necessary to accomplish the Big Dreams.