Andrew Winn


Andrew Winn is the Executive Director of the Insight Garden Program. Previously, Andrew served as Director of Project Rebound at Sacramento State, where he supported previously and currently incarcerated people with access to high-quality post secondary degrees. As the Project Rebound Consortium’s Policy and Advocacy Co-chair, Andrew made significant contributions to successfully obtaining a yearly line item in the state budget, helping pass Ban the Box in Higher Education in California in 2020 and the Incarcerated Student’s Bill of Rights in 2021.

He supported Sacramento State’s 4-year degree attainment program by leveraging his institutional knowledge to assist in developing a program other state and national universities are attempting to model. Prior to Project Rebound, he co-founded the Underground Scholars Initiative at UCLA, and still engages with the program.

What draws Andrew to working with people with incarceration histories is his own experience with incarceration and struggles related to poverty, mental health, reentry, and environment. Today Andrew is a husband to Kimberlee, a dog-dad to Chiko & Pepper, and a good friend to the people in his life. Most weekends, you will find Andrew & Pepper on hiking trails either running or walking, and his favorite trails are the ones with friends.