Chloe Turner


Chloe Turner was raised in Southern California. She left high school early and spent most of her 20’s addicted and cycling in and out of county jails and prison. After her last incarceration in 2008, she entered a program for women parolees and came face- to- face with the issues that landed her in prison. She vowed to break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration and build a healthy productive life. Chloe first worked as an intern for Community Works, a not-for-profit organization that serves individuals in the criminal justice system.

She has since held a series of progressively responsible positions, culminating in serving as Program Coordinator for the Women Rising Program, a reentry program for women in the San Francisco County Jail and for those who have been released. She works daily with young women in the criminal justice system with an emphasis on gender specific restorative justice practices. In 2010, Chloe completed a Community Health Worker Certificate specializing in Post- Prison Release and graduated from Stanford University’s Project ReMade in 2012. In May 2013, she graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Organizational Behavior and Leadership. Chloe plans to attend law school.