Derrell Frazier


As the Deputy Director of Memberships & Organizing at Reform Alliance, Derrell Frazier has been a driving force in propelling the organization’s mission to build safer communities through criminal justice reform. His oversight of the National Community Grants program and Memberships, completion of special projects, and innovative training design have all contributed to the organization’s impactful work.

Derrell previously served at the Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD) as a Policy & Community Engagement Manager. Here, he translated his dedication to reform into improving mental healthcare by crafting public policy initiatives and spearheading groundbreaking strategies.

The impact expanded further with his role as Consent Decree Neighborhood Liaison for the City of Baltimore. A local contact for community members and residents, he solidified community relationships and played a pivotal role in driving equitable, lawful policies in collaboration with the City of Baltimore and Baltimore Police Department.

His journey has been marked by key roles and significant contributions across various sectors. From driving operational excellence as an Operations Manager, to advocating for policy change as part of organizations like US Dream Academy, Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF), and Annie E. Casey Foundation, his commitment to change has been unwavering. His leadership in the Mayor’s Office of Performance & Innovation and engagement with the Youth Advisory Council and Juvenile Justice Strategy Group showcases his dedication to community empowerment and reform.

His academic foundation from the University of Baltimore in Governmental Affairs, International Studies, and Public Policy, underscores his commitment to excellence in advocacy and leadership.