Jason Clark


Jason Clark is a father, partner, and mentor and Equity and Justice Advocate for King County Superior Court’s, Juvenile Court Services Department. He utilizes his personal and professional experience to build bridges between communities and systems in Seattle and throughout King County, Washington, and is laser-focused on justice reform.  His work includes developing the procedural justice lens of King County Superior Court by leading trainings for all superior court staff and judicial officers. A major focus is the Equity Impact Review that targets the undoing of institutional barriers and archaic policies and procedures. Whether it’s empowering new and emerging previously incarcerated leaders to achieve their professional goals, providing strategic advice on policy analysis and program development for city, county and state leadership, or building programs to impact the school-to-prison pipeline, Jason is committed to effectuating change and impacting justice reform efforts in Washington State through community-level consortium efforts.  He has built meaningful partnerships with numerous organizations and systems in and has an extensive history of implementing successful programs and projects impacting justice reform efforts with youth and adult populations.