Jason Cleaveland


JasonCleaveland is an entrepreneur, teacher and speaker dedicated to creating new opportunities for the formerly incarcerated to develop into the people they want to be. Blending principles of business, education, technology and social action, with just a bit of brazen ingenuity, Jason insists on better ways for people to be their best selves. He is the founder of Juniper Communities, a therapeutic recovery community for formerly incarcerated people who have exhausted traditional services and support.

Jason also served as co-founder of One-Eighty, a regional training and advocacy group serving the formerly incarcerated and the organizations that work with them. Jason is a prominent guest lecturer at local universities and speaks regularly on the topics of reentry, personal development, and social justice. He also serves on the Advisory Board to Probation and Parole while earning his MBA. He believes that sustainable business models along with innovative technology will revolutionize post- incarceration life for millions.