Kesha Hamilton

Michigan | LwC 2021


Kesha Hamilton is the co-founder and current Co-Chair of Racing 4 Equity, a social justice organization based in Jackson, Michigan focused on promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in organizations, businesses, and city government. Kesha holds an Associates Degree of Applied Science Criminal Justice and is currently finishing a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public & Non-Profit Administration from Central Michigan University. Kesha’s interest in Criminal Justice advocacy began in her twenties after realizing the effects of growing up with an absent father who had a history of substance abuse and contact with the Criminal Justice system. This led Kesha to the importance of reforming the Justice system by emphasizing the role Prosecutors play in determining who is charged and for what, as well as the need for progressive Prosecutors who use an equitable lens. Kesha’s goal is to earn her Juris Doctorate and run for her local Prosecutor’s office bringing Equity and social justice to the Criminal Justice system of her community.On Nov. 3rd, 2020, Kesha was elected to the Jackson Public School Board making history as one of two black women to serve simultaneously. Kesha is the proud mother of six beautiful children and seamlessly balances home, work and her commitment to community organizing and social justice advocacy while working towards ultimately becoming the first African American prosecutor of Jackson County.