LaMonte Morgan


LaMonte Morgan grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast. As a teenager and young man, he struggled with addiction and during one two year period, he churned in and out of jail 45 times. Later, while serving a 39 month sentence in state prison, he was accepted into an alternative to incarceration program which set him on the path to sobriety and a life free of crime.

Today, LaMonte is the Men’s Program Director for Sponsors, an agency that provides services to people released from Oregon state prisons and the Lane County Jail.  The Transitional Housing Program which LaMonte supervises is unique in the nation.  It provides wrap around services including a Job’s Resource Center to assist with resumé building, job search strategies and leads, employment workshops, and mock interviews to build confidence.  The program also provide parenting classes utilizing the community curriculum of Parenting Inside Out, as well as Cognitive Based Therapy utilizing Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Moral ReconationTherapy,  designed to alter how individuals make decisions between right and wrong.  LaMontebuilt a strong working relationship with a local outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program which now runs onsite treatment groups for Sponsor participants.  

LaMonte is also an advocate for policy reform in his state.  His current priority is reforming Oregon’s sex offender registration process which retains a person’s individually identifiable information for life.  LaMonte sincerely enjoys the work he does and could not be more proud of the organization he works with.  He says, “The wise words of my grandfather have finally come to fruition in my life:  ‘son, if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.’ Thank you Grandpa!!!”