Nicholas Buckingham


Nicholas Buckingham was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  He graduated from Oakland Community College with an associate degree in mental health/social work and is currently a full-time social work student at Oakland University in Michigan.  Nicholas is also a criminal justice reform activist.

The extreme difficulty he has had finding a job because of his criminal record propelled Nicholas into activism and leadership.  Today he is a member of the board of directors of the Detroit chapter of Nation Outside, a new nationwide organization whose mission is to organize, mobilize, and support formerly incarcerated people and their families to advocate for political and social change.  Nicholas is the co-director of Nehemiah House Youth Mentoring, and is a community organizer for Michigan Faith in Action with a strong emphasis on criminal justice reform. 

Nicholas is a leader in the Fair Chances 4 All Campaign (FC4A), a coalition effort comprised of faith, labor, legal, and community organizations aimed at helping people with criminal records find quality employment. The Detroit City Council passed a ‘Ban the Box’ ordinance in 2010. FC4A would extend that rule to include private employers who receive tax breaks from the city.