Pamela Winn


Pamela Winn is an activist from Atlanta, Georgia and the single mother of two sons. She studied biology at Spelman College and earned three post-secondary degrees in nursing. She also served a 78-month federal sentence for a white-collar crime. Pamela serves on the Women’s Advisory Team with Human Impact Partners. She is a co-founder of the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network which promotes access to higher education for formerly incarcerated people. Pamela is the founder of RestoreHER US.America, a reentry organization for directly impacted women that advocates for an end to the mass incarceration of women of color and pregnant women.

Pamela is a national leader of the anti-shackling movement. She spearheaded Dignity-GA and won the unanimous passage of HB345 which ended the shackling and solitary confinement of incarcerated women in her home state.  In collaboration with Pamela is leading a petition drive in support of the Dignity For Incarcerated Women Act that has more than 128,000 signatures.  She served as a consultant for the Pregnant Women in Custody Act introduced by Representative Karen Bass (D-CA). She has testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and was an invited to the White House for the Criminal Justice Reform Summit to speak on women’s Issues. She was also instrumental in the passage of The First Step Act. Pamela Winn is a 2017 Leading with Conviction Fellow of JustLeadershipUSA, a 2018 Erin J. Vuley Fellow of Feminist Women’s Health Center, a 2019 Community Change Fellow, and a 2019 Soros Justice Fellow.