Seán Martín Dalpiaz

New York

Seán Martín Dalpiaz is currently a Program Director at the Osborne Association. Incarcerated for eight years, Sean was able to earn an advanced degree and pursue what many may have thought was the unattainable. He completed his Associates Degree while in prison and had several pieces of writing published. Upon his release, he earned his Bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Public Administration.

Sean has for years been passionate about advocating for the voice of those who are marginalized, particularly those involved in the criminal justice system and youth in foster care. He has served on the Strategic Adolescent Advisory Board for Rikers Island, and spearheaded a project funded by the New York City Mayor’s Office on Criminal Justice to improve community relations between the New York City Police Department and the thousands of individuals served by SCO Family of Services each year. Sean is working on his first book, an anthological memoir.