Sheila Nared


Sheila Nared is the Director of the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses Trauma Recovery Center and is passionate about helping the community deal with stress and trauma. She is a social worker and a Community Leaders Institute graduate, which has allowed her to research stressors in the community and identify ways to help community members be resilient. She also has her CDCA certification, as well as her certification in human services. Sheila serves as the staff liaison for a children’s hospital research advisory board, as well.

One of Sheila’s goals is to reach out and break down barriers. She is passionate and active in the lives of those who have experienced trauma, homelessness, mental illness, and violent crimes which requires lots of passion and research. Sheila believes that in order to make a difference there has to be passion for the work that needs to be done along with the opinions of those who are directly impacted, seated at the table and taken into account.

Sheila is known as a beacon of light to others. She is one who believes in others even if they are not ready to believe in themselves. Sheila believes there is hope and healing for all!