Tony McCright


Tony McCright is the City Justice Reform Fellow at the National League of Cities (NLC) where he works with the Institute for Youth, Education, and Families to implement restorative young adult criminal justice policies at the municipal level. Prior to NLC, he supported research and marketing projects for change-making organizations across the education and criminal justice space at Whiteboard Advisors and Free Cap Financial. In addition to his work for other organizations, he has successfully launched multiple entrepreneurial ventures. His current venture, a social impact real estate investment company, BLTN Collective Properties, informs, organizes, and provides opportunities for residents of his hometown in the Hampton Roads, Va. area to invest in their own neighborhoods.

While incarcerated, Tony volunteered to be one of the 1st mentors on the Young Men Emerging unit which was designed to provide specialized programming for men 18-25. Upon release from prison, he was accepted into the Georgetown University Pivot re-entry program. His ultimate goal is to expand the opportunities available for returning citizens.