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William Sansing


With more than two decades post-justice involvement as an advocate for people with disabilities, people directly impacted by the legal system, and people with substance use disorders (SUD), William Sansing has an intense passion for equitable and accessible opportunities for everyone.   He currently works as an Associate Dean of Instruction and District Director of Student Counseling & Advising Services at East Mississippi Community College where he serves as a point person for institution-wide programs and policies to increase access to and student success in higher education.

William is Board President for Southern Recovery Advocacy (SRA), which aims to assist individuals with SUD while educating the public.  SRA promotes an extensive network of strategically located Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs), which implement a Four-Pillar approach to SUD recovery and reentry including appropriate treatment/intensive services, community support/housing, education/workforce training, and job placement. William is a part-time mental health, alcohol and drug therapist with Christian Changes Counseling & Recovery Center and The Oxford Treatment Center. He received a Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education/School Counseling & Guidance Services and Sociology from Mississippi State University.