Emerging Leaders

Two-Day Leadership Training Program

The Emerging Leaders (EL) Trainings are 2-day-long leadership development opportunities in cities around the country for advocates directly impacted by the criminal justice system or juvenile justice system. Direct impact includes arrest with or without conviction, incarceration, probation, or parole.

All participants must show a demonstrated track record of leadership in their communities, and a solid commitment to systemic criminal and/or juvenile justice reform. As grassroots/”grass-tops” advocates and community organizers, Emerging Leaders are enhancing the skills necessary to meaningfully influence decision-makers at the regional & state level, and “persuadable” in the American public.

Based on the proven-effective approach Breakthrough Action Leadership, our curriculum encourages participants to apply three key ontological practices to their work:

  • Responsibility
  • Self-Reflection/Feedback, and
  • Creating Collective Leadership

Emerging Leaders trainings benefit leaders by introducing them to other people, campaigns and practices closely linked to successful criminal justice advocacy efforts; enabling them to take on greater challenges, implement their visions for reform, and to generate quantifiable impact in their work.

Eligibility Criteria

All eligible participants to JLUSA’s leadership trainings must have had prior involvement with the criminal justice system, i.e. juvenile and/or criminal justice involvement includes but is not limited to

  • actual incarceration served time in jail and/or prison;
  • arrest with or without conviction;
  • under community supervision, i.e. parole, sentenced to probation-only, and;
  • involvement as a client in the juvenile justice system.


JustLeadershipUSA partners with organizations engaged in systemic policy reform to host its EL trainings in strategic locations across the US. These partnerships encourage collaboration amongst regional criminal justice campaigns and networks, and contribute to building a widespread movement comprised of advocates across the country.

Emerging Leaders 2020 Dates and Locations

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the remaining scheduled Emerging Leaders trainings have been cancelled.

  • Jan 31 & Feb 1-  Indianapolis, Indiana
  • April 17 & April 18 – ChicagoIllinois
  • July 17 & July 18- Atlanta, Georgia
  • August 14 & August 15 – Omaha, Nebraska
  • August 28th& August 29 – ColumbusOhio