Emerging Leaders

Two-Day Leadership Training Program

Emerging Leaders (EL) is a two-day leadership development and advocacy training program for  directly impacted people based on the principles of organizing, advocacy, and policy analysis, designed to train directly impacted individuals across the country to become leaders at the forefront of local, state, and federal criminal justice reform efforts, as well as build power through coalitions.

Emerging Leaders trainings creates a space for grassroots emerging leaders and organizers to pin-point their communities’ challenges and understand the scope of work required to address those challenges.  By the end of the training, participants  produce outcomes that introduce them to other people, campaigns and practices closely linked to successful criminal justice and juvenile justice advocacy efforts. Participants are also able  to take on greater challenges, implement their visions for reform, and to generate quantifiable impact in their work.

After an EL training, JLUSA serves as an ongoing resource and network for EL graduates who develop and launch their own campaigns based on their communities’ needs. Providing them with ongoing campaign support utilizing various toolkits to support their advocacy, organizing, social media, and other media efforts. JLUSA will also provide additional support to be identified on a case-by-case basis.

Participants will also be connected to the Leading with Conviction (LwC) leadership network, including fellows and alumni who are in their local jurisdictions to facilitate the sharing of resources, knowledge, and connections to key stakeholders in the field.

All EL participants must have a solid commitment to systemic criminal and/or juvenile justice reform. All EL must have had some prior criminal justice involvement which we define as anything from being placed in handcuffs up to serving an actual jail or prison sentence or anything in-between. Participants who are currently on probation or parole are also eligible to participate in the training.