Formerly incarcerated leader gives props to California for Prop 17


November 6, 2020

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Statement of JustLeadershipUSA President DeAnna Hoskins

NEW YORK —  On Election Day, California voters passed Proposition 17, which amends the California Constitution to restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people who are on parole. The measure was passed with support of 59% of voters. JustLeadershipUSA President and CEO DeAnna Hoskins issued the following statement:

“California voters took an important step toward ending discrimination against formerly incarcerated people by reinstating their right to vote while on parole. Disenfranchising formerly incarcerated and incarcerated people is a calculated and dehumanizing attempt to silence the voices of people of color. Restoring voting rights eases the reentry of formerly incarcerated people, gives them back their voice, and allows them to participate fully in their communities.

“We applaud California voters for championing human rights and we hope that Proposition 17 will be a bellwether for other states across the country. It is essential that every state defend the voting rights of all people, especially people of color. With Black and Brown people disproportionately incarcerated, it is essential to protect and restore our rights.

“We urge other states to follow California’s lead. We also encourage California to take the next step by restoring voting rights to incarcerated people. Doing so will ensure that the voting power of communities of color are no longer quashed by systemic racism and mass incarceration.”