The Attack on the Capitol Shows the Nation Remains a Tale of Two Countries

January 7, 2021

Statement of JustLeadershipUSA President and CEO DeAnna Hoskins

NEW YORK — Yesterday, a mob of armed, domestic terrorists took over the U.S. Capitol, with the goal to change the outcome of the presidential election and prevent the certification of votes for president-elect Joe Biden. JustLeadershipUSA President and CEO DeAnna Hoskins issued the following statement in response:

“What happened in the halls of Congress yesterday at the hands of a destructive mob was reprehensible — but the treatment of that mob by law enforcement should come as no surprise. Indeed, Capitol police were seen taking selfies, holding doors open to allow them to leave the premises, and even assisting down the steps of the Capitol to safety. Their overall response to the storming of the U.S. Capitol yesterday serves only to further illustrate the historic inequality and racial discrimination that Black people, in contrast, have faced for generations.

“During the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, police officers tear-gassed and fired rubber bullets into the crowds, attacked them with batons, and arrested hundreds. None of the BLM protestors, nor George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, were afforded the same basic respect for human rights that law enforcement gave to the domestic terrorists at the Capitol.

“This was a stark way to learn that law enforcement knows how not to use excessive or deadly force. It is a clear indication that race is a factor in this country and how this country responds to different races. George and Breonna posed no threat to officers and lost their lives.

“We all deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity, but last night told us, once again, that the United States remains a tale of two countries. And so we urge the incoming administration to live up to its claims of equality and human rights for all — claims which will only carry weight by performing an extensive, thorough review and overhaul of the country’s law enforcement, racial and criminal justice systems.”


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