Beyond the Pandemic: A COVID Digital Townhall for Directly Impacted People

A Panel Discussion (with Q & A) presented by #CLOSEthecreek & #CLOSErikers

Effective communication and engagement are critical, especially in times when quick decisions and effective actions are paramount factors that impact human lives and community well- being. COVID-19 has exposed the limitations of traditional, top-down models and approaches to disseminating actionable information, assistance and resources to city residents in disadvantaged communities. And furthermore, this approach has proven inadequate in facilitating participation, fostering engagement and building community in the middle of a crisis and uncertainty.

It is widely accepted that incarcerated people and people of color will be most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. And these residents should also be most empowered to become active and informed participants in their own helping, health, healing and hope! This digital townhall will provide a platform for directly impacted people to share their concerns, insights and solutions for what ails their community during this pandemic. Directly impacted people have been essentially locked out of the dialogue and access to resources and medical treatment. This is an opportunity to name that and begin strategizing on developing a plan to empower themselves.