Celebrating Second Chance Month


April 28, 2022

At JustLeadershipUSA, we know successful reentry for everyone builds thriving communities. Everyone deserves a second chance, and this month we’re celebrating our leaders working to build support systems for formerly incarcerated people across the country.

This week, the Biden-Harris administration announced they are taking important steps to unlock opportunities for directly impacted people across the country, steps that underscore the importance of our mission to decarcerate the U.S. and elevate the leadership of directly impacted people across the nation.

As a movement led by formerly incarcerated people, we know our voices are finally being heard. Your support at this critical moment can make a tangible difference in bringing us closer to dismantling oppressive policies and building a more just U.S.

Right now, it is time to act. With just $10 from 1,500 donors you can help sustain leadership development trainings for 10 new emerging leaders. Will you donate now to support JustLeadershipUSA and our network of dedicated leaders across the country?
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