Leading with Conviction 2021 fellow Ashley Goldon explains why Michigan’s new “Clean Slate” law falls short


June 2, 2022

Leading with Conviction 2021 fellow Ashley Goldon writes,

“For adults living in Michigan with a criminal history, most of whom are parents and grandparents, recently passed Clean Slate legislation means not having to worry about who will give them the opportunity to feed and house their families.“For the rest of us who are ineligible, however, we continue to quietly suffer in endless pursuit of meeting our most basic of needs…

“In my current work as statewide program director of Nation Outside, a Michigan based grassroots and advocacy organization entirely led by the formerly incarcerated, we have been providing technical assistance for clean slate expungement clinics all over the state.

“In confirming people for pre-registration, I had to break the news to a grandmother with a drug trafficking conviction from three decades ago that she didn’t qualify.

“She was frantic. ‘Now I cannot get approved for public housing. I need a place to live for me and my granddaughter. What am I supposed to do?’”

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