JLUSA leader Kara Nelson on addiction and prison in Alaska

July 25, 2023

“Mass incarceration as we know it today owes much of its existence to the political rationale created by the War on Drugs. Although proffered as a solution to the public health crisis of drug addiction, prisons actually provide little in the way of real care or rehabilitation for people struggling with substance abuse. In Alaska, True North Recovery, an addiction treatment and advocacy organization run by formerly incarcerated people, is working to expand care for incarcerated people suffering from addiction. [Leading with Conviction™ 2016 graduate] Kara Nelson joins Rattling the Bars to discuss these efforts.

“Kara Nelson is currently the Chief Operating Officer at True North Recovery, and a Governor-appointed board member of the Alaska Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Since 2016, Kara has served as a chaplain for the Alaska Department of Corrections.”

Watch the full interview:

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