Jayland Walker Shooting Revives Debate About How Police Interact with Black People

July 7, 2022

DeAnna Hoskins, the Ohio-based president and CEO of national criminal justice reform nonprofit JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA), said the scene of the video showing Walker’s encounter with police reminded her of a war zone given the number of shots fired, adding that this is another case of a Black man being shot and killed by police and being hunted as if he was an animal or property.

“Transparency of the videotape has allowed us to get to the bottom of stories or reports from the officers,” Hoskins said. “But it also was a very traumatic experience for those who watch it as well. After a while you just you get exhausted of watching that.”

While details of the case — and the expected fallout — are still unfolding, Walker’s death directs attention back on how a traffic stop can become fatal and revives years-long frustration with how police interact with Black people. Killings at the hands of law enforcement continue to leave families devastated and social justice advocates calling for substantive reform and policy changes.

Read the full story at CNN.com.

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