Free to Succeed: Marlon Chamberlain

January 17, 2023

“In 2003, at age 23, with small children to raise, Marlon was sentenced to twenty years in prison, convicted of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

“But Marlon was granted relief in 2014, because lawmakers passed the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, which helped to correct the disparities of sentences between crack and powder cocaine. Marlon is free today, serving and rebuilding his community, reconnecting with his family, and continuing his positive personal journey. Our world is better with Marlon in it.

“Despite the bleak outlook all those years ago, Marlon entered prison with tremendous spirit, determined to turn his time there into a positive experience.

“’I went in the system saying that I had to recondition myself from living a criminal lifestyle. I realized I had to create a new me. I went into prison with the mindset that I wanted to learn — and I developed a passion for learning. The more I learned, the more free I felt.’”

Leading with Conviction 2019 graduate Marlon Chamberlain was featured in FAMM Foundation’s “Free to Succeed” series, highlighting stories of people who are making their families and communities stronger after receiving a second chance.

Read Marlon’s story.

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