JLUSA board member Ashish Prashar at CNN: “The tragedy when parents are incarcerated”

March 11, 2023

JustLeadershipUSA board member Ashish Prashar writes at CNN:

“Admittedly, my view is a somewhat contrarian one to the ‘lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ stance espoused by some law-and-order hardliners. But I think that lawmakers — and society in general — should lean in when possible to making it much easier for children and incarcerated parents to remain in contact.

“Families should not be torn apart as a result of a conviction. Of course our criminal justice system absolutely should focus on holding people accountable, but in a way that does not perpetuate harm. The very act of incarceration often inflicts more damage to more people than the crime itself. Even for people convicted of serious felonies, society is invested in them becoming better human beings — including being better parents.”

Read the rest at CNN.com.

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