It’s “Abolition Week” at Scalawag Magazine!

June 19, 2023

“The call for prison abolition has been popularized over the last decade of mass movements against police violence, many of which have operated under the banner of Black Lives Matter. But what does abolition mean, and who gets to define it? Thus far, much of the conversation has been steered and curated by mainstream media. A new initiative from Scalawag Magazine tentatively titled ‘Project Abolition’ seeks to disrupt the dominant narrative by platforming voices from within prisons themselves.”

Scalawag Magazine’s fourth annual “Abolition Week,” will actually span two weeks, June 19-30, and they will publish 20 pieces of content — essays, news stories, poetry, short fiction, audio, and video — exclusively produced by currently incarcerated writers, formerly incarcerated writers, and Palestinians “living in the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip.”

Outside of “Abolition Week,” Scalawag is also looking for stories to publish for the rest of the year as a part of Project Abolition.

Watch an interview with Scalawag Magazine Editor-At-Large Da’Shaun Harrison on why incarcerated people’s perspectives matter:

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