Lets Talk “Nepo-Babies” in Social Justice/Impact Spaces

July 13, 2023

One concerning trend in 2023 is the infiltration of the social justice space by individuals from privileged backgrounds, a.k.a. “nepo-babies.” This phenomenon is a form of gaslighting as these individuals try to undo the very harm caused by their billionaire parents, who are responsible for perpetuating the systems of oppression they claim to fight against.

The presence of nepo-babies raises questions about their genuine commitment to addressing systemic inequalities. By occupying space within the social justice movement, they risk silencing the voices of those directly impacted by the injustices they seek to address. This further marginalizes vulnerable communities and maintains power imbalances. Moreover, their privileged backgrounds grant them access to resources and platforms that are not equally available to those from impacted communities.

It is crucial to prioritize the voices and experiences of those most affected by systemic injustices.

To ensure the integrity of the social justice movement, it is crucial to prioritize the voices and experiences of those most affected by systemic injustices. Genuine allyship requires listening, learning, and amplifying marginalized voices rather than centering the experiences of the privileged.

Jamira Burley is the Worldwide Education Strategic Initiative Lead at Apple, where she spearheads the development of the company’s global strategy for engaging with government bodies, foundations, and education stakeholders. She is also a 2015 graduate of Leading with Conviction™.

(Originally published on LinkedIn. Reposted here by permission. Photo above from Buzzfeed.)

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