FDA’s proposed menthol ban will expand the “War on Drugs”


August 23, 2023

“A national ban on menthol cigarettes is inching closer. This month, the United States Food and Drug Administration will publish final regulations on the matter, according to the agency’s Spring Regulatory Agenda. The FDA has been considering making the ban effective one-to-two years after publication.

“A public comment period last year saw 175,000 comments submitted on the proposed menthol cigarette ban, with another 71,000 for a similar restriction on cigars. Based on my review, a majority appear to be against the ban. But there’s no indication the FDA will listen. The agency says it’s ‘committed to completing the rulemaking process as quickly as possible,’ but has yet to publish an analysis of scientific data, expert opinions or comments.

“If the ban is enacted, make no mistake: Black and Latinx communities will bear the brunt of associated law enforcement.”

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(Photograph by Wil540 via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons 4.0)

Right now the public can submit electronic or written comments to the FDA. Electronic comments must be submitted (and written comments must be postmarked) by Tuesday, August 29. Please visit the Federal Register notice for more information and to submit electronic comments.