Mark Rice on Wisconsin’s prison lockdowns: “A hellish limbo”

January 31, 2024

“Last June (2023), the state of Wisconsin placed two correctional institutions in Green Bay and Waupun on lockdown due to concerns about overcrowding and the quality of facilities. In the ensuing months, several other Wisconsin state prisons have been affected by the lockdown, and Gov. Evers has yet to present a clear plan to end it. Meanwhile, thousands of incarcerated people have been trapped in horrendous conditions. Inmates are spending 23 hours a day in their cells, without access to in-person visitation, regular programming, or even daily showers. Mark Rice [Leading with Conviction™ 2017], coordinator of the Wisconsin Transformational Justice Campaign at the grassroots network, WISDOM, joins Rattling the Bars to discuss the crisis in Wisconsin prisons and the clear solution Evers has ignored so far: to wield his authority as governor to reduce the state’s prison population.”

Watch the full interview:

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