Tracey Syphax celebrates Black History Month with special menu items at Booker’s restaurant

February 6, 2024

Tracey Syphax (Leading with Conviction™ 2019) and his wife Cheri were featured for Black History Month recently on ABC 6 in Philadelphia:

“A local couple made national news when they purchased one of West Philadelphia’s favorite restaurants.

“Now, they’re looking back on that big purchase and forward to the possibilities.

“Cheri and Tracey Syphax said they felt drawn to Booker’s, a treasured restaurant in West Philadelphia that went up for sale just about a year ago.

“‘If you would have told me three years ago that I’d own Booker’s restaurant, I’d be like what? No way,’ said Cheri Syphax.

“With neither having owned a restaurant before, the multi-million-dollar buy made national headlines.

“‘It was just a great opportunity all the way around and the numbers made sense, and if the numbers make sense, there you go,’ Tracey said.

“One year later, business is still booming.

“The Syphaxes didn’t mess with the favorites, but they did make a few tweaks to the Booker’s menu including dishes curated to celebrate Black History Month.”

Watch the full story:

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