New documentary short film “Forging Heroes” features Brandon Smith and forestry firefighting in California

February 15, 2024

This week, ABC7 in the San Francisco Bay Area released a 22-minute long documentary short film “Forging Heroes,” showing how formerly incarcerated individuals train to become wildland firefighters in California.

“The Forestry & Fire Recruitment Program is a California-based nonprofit that helps formerly incarcerated individuals train to become wildland firefighters.

“The program is the brainchild of two men [Brandon Smith, Leading with Conviction™ 2020, and Royal Ramey] who received training and gained experience fighting fires while incarcerated at fire camps, but couldn’t get hired anywhere in California due to the stigma of having a criminal record.

“Yet, they didn’t give up.

“This is the story of how this revolutionary program became a reality and how the first Bay Area cohort of formerly incarcerated men and women took on the challenge in hopes of a better future despite overwhelming personal and societal obstacles.”

Watch the full video:

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