Keturah Herron joins bipartisan effort to pass the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act

March 13, 2024

This week, Kentucky state Rep. Keturah Herron (Leading with Conviction™ 2019) joined a bipartisan group of Kentucky Congress members to support the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act:

“Democratic U.S. Rep. Morgan McGarvey and Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul stood together at a news conference Monday to announce they would file legislation to ban no-knock warrants across the country in honor of Taylor. They were joined by Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother who has emerged as a figure in the racial-justice movement.

“McGarvey said numerous mistakes and injustices happened before police even entered Taylor’s apartment, but banning no-knock warrants themselves are part of the problem. Under this type of warrant, police can enter a residence at any time of the day or night and do not need to announce themselves — as police or otherwise.

“In Taylor’s case, police entered her apartment shortly after midnight using a battering ram. Paul and McGarvey say no-knock warrants are dangerous for both the civilian and police officers. …

It’s been four years. … But I still fight and I still make sure that what happened to Breonna doesn’t happen again.

“In a bipartisan move, Kentucky’s legislature already passed a law to limit the use of no-knock warrants in 2021; Louisville Metro Council had also banned the no-knock warrants the year before. Paul and McGarvey said they hope to recreate those bipartisan successes federally.

“‘I’m sorry that it took the death of Breonna to get everybody unified,’ Paul said. ‘If there’s ever any good that came from this tragedy, I’m hoping that the law will change and that will prevent this from ever happening again.’

“Paul filed identical legislation in 2020, shortly after Taylor’s death, but it didn’t go anywhere. He says he’s hopeful that the bill will gain more bipartisan support this year. Paul said U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, from New Jersey, will join him in sponsoring the legislation in the Senate. McGarvey said a Republican has not yet joined him in sponsoring the bill on the House side, but he believes there are a few who are interested. …

“Palmer, Taylor’s mother, spoke in support of the bill, saying she won’t rest until what happened to her daughter can’t be repeated.

“‘It’s been four years. It’s been hard, it continues to be hard, but I still fight and I still make sure that what happened to Breonna doesn’t happen again,’ Palmer said. ‘And that’s really what’s important here.’

“McGarvey and Paul’s bill would link compliance with the prohibition on no-knock warrants to Department of Justice funding — any state or local institution that receives money from the DOJ would be required to comply with the law, should it pass.”

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(Photo above by Sylvia Goodman / LPM)

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