Celia Colón launches new “Powered By Pain” TV series

March 15, 2024

Celia Colón (Leading with Conviction™ 2018) has launched a new TV series entitled “Powered By Pain” on the JD3 streaming service.

As Celia explains, “‘Powered By Pain’ unveils untold stories of survivors facing life’s toughest challenges — gun violence, domestic struggles, and the battle against disenfranchisement. Join us as we highlight the indomitable human spirit, showcasing stories often ignored and forgotten. From formerly incarcerated individuals to courageous activists, each episode unfolds a tale of triumph over adversity. Illuminate the unseen narratives that shape our society and celebrate the unwavering strength found in the face of hardship.”

Episode one, the pilot episode, is available now for streaming with more episodes on the way!

Watch the trailer (TW: domestic violence):

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