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John Koufos shares his powerful story with The Last Mile radio show

May 21, 2024

John Koufos (Leading with Conviction™ 2017) recently sat down for an interview with The Last Mile radio show: “Hear how his reckoning with alcoholism was nearly fatal, and how his work in support of criminal justice reform is bolstered by his lived experience on both sides.”

The Last Mile Radio is a production of The Last Mile (TLM) and Sirius XM Radio. It is hosted by Chris Redlitz (co-founder of TLM), and Maserati-E, a musician/audio engineer and former resident of San Quentin State Prison. The show’s executive producers are Chris Redlitz and Beverly Parenti at TLM and Liz Aiello at Sirius XM.

Listen to the full interview:

@thelastmileorg A chaotic childhood usually feeds into a chaotic, unstable life. The story of John Koufos, who witnessed crime and evasion firsthand, exemplifies the urgent need for reformative measures that address the roots of recidivism and provide genuine support for families disrupted by crime. Growing up in constant upheaval due to a parent's criminal activities and incarceration dramatically impacts a child's life trajectory 🎧 Don't miss this compelling episode of The Last Mile Radio, dropping this Saturday, 5/18/24 #CriminalJusticeReform #SystemicChange #FamilyImpact #ChildhoodTrauma #Recidivism #JusticeSystem #PrisonReform #SocialSupport #CommunityRecovery #LegalReform #PolicyChange #CrimePrevention #ReentrySupport #IncarcerationEffects #JusticeAdvocacy #ReformativeJustice #PublicPolicy #SocialJustice #YouthAdvocacy #SupportNotPunishment ♬ original sound – The Last Mile

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