Dominique Grant on keeping people out of jails in Georgia

May 30, 2024

“As Fulton County officials reportedly consider a sales tax to fund a $1.7 billion Fulton County Jail replacement, some groups have an idea to save taxpayers money: keeping people out of jail.

Instead of building a bigger jail … provide services to people who are on the streets.

“The Georgia Senate Public Safety Subcommittee on Fulton County Jail is preparing to file a report with recommendations that could guide legislative action when lawmakers return to Atlanta next year. WSB-TV reported county officials plan on asking state lawmakers to allow a new sales tax to pay for a jail replacement.

“Overcrowding at the Fulton County jail costs taxpayers millions of dollars and creates a dangerous environment. The subcommittee is investigating the ‘root causes’ and possible solutions for fixing the jail.

“‘Our goal is to find ways to keep people out of … the jail doors, period, before they even come into the jail,’ Dominique Grant [Leading with Conviction™ 2024 participant], campaign and operations manager for the nonprofit Women on the Rise, told the subcommittee during a recent meeting. ‘We think that that will be a solution. Instead of building a bigger jail, finding ways to be able to provide services to people who are on the streets.’”

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(Photo above: Women on the Rise Twitter / Dominique Grant on the left)

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