Clean Slate Michigan: Lansing

Past Event: February 12, 2019 — 5:30–8 pm

Michigan History Museum

702 W Kalamazoo Street

Lansing, MI 48601

Getting a conviction “expunged” means that it is removed from your public criminal record. If you get a conviction expunged, you can legally state on any applications for school, employment, public benefits, or housing that you have never been convicted of that crime.

Right now in Michigan, the expungement process is complicated and costly, and too few people are eligible. We must work to make expungement an automatic process, one that is simple and open to more people. By expanding expungement, we can remove barriers that millions of Michiganders with records face to meaningful employment, housing, and education.

We invite you to join us for the beginning of a conversation about how we build vital, community-driven efforts to broaden expungement. We have a chance to pass Clean Slate legislation in Michigan this year, and people with criminal records and their loved ones can drive that change.