Candice Bailey


Candice “Actionist” Bailey is an avid way-maker, educator, advocate, and leader in the Denver, Colorado, metro area and across the nation. She has led Lighthouse Consultants Colorado, as the Founder and CEO, to support community-based action inside of systems and is the Founder and Executive Director of Light Carrier, a nonprofit dedicated to nationwide interruption of oppression. Having both education and lived experience has given Candice a raw comprehension of what is truly needed for impactful change for everyone.

Candice was a lead organizer in the Elijah McClain murder. Her advocacy has stretched to the families of Jesse Cedillo, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. In fact, Breonna Taylor’s family traveled to Denver in 2020 to support a national call to action. As a founding member of The Caravan for Racial Justice in 2020, Candice led the “Protect Black Women” national rally in Washington, D.C. Leading over 20 actions in Colorado and across the nation, Candice has inspired many voices and actions. She continues to push the line in local politics and policy in Colorado.

Candice is also former President of the National Action Network Denver, Colorado Chapter. Recently, she won a lawsuit against the city of Aurora, destroying a Jim Crow relic in the Charter that did not allow people with felony convictions to run for office. Candice has also had the honor of serving the community on many boards and committees including: Aurora Police Oversight Committee; Citizens Advisory Budget Committee; State of Colorado Domestic Violence and Child Welfare Committee; Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault; State Maternal Mortality Review Committee; Urban League of Metro Denver Executive Advisory Board; Emerge Colorado Executive Advisory Committee; and Active Collective Trauma (ACT) Health Advisory Committee.