Edwin Fuller


Edwin organizes around criminal justice reform issues in Ohio’s Miami Valley region. Raised in San Diego, he has made Dayton his home since 1998. He lives by the following words: “There is an effective ‘just’ way to meet the requirements of justice and the needs of the real people in our neighborhoods – we just have to work for it. Everyone deserves to own their dignity. Everyone deserves ownership in decisions that shape their lives.”

Currently, Edwin is involved in contesting the building of a new jail for Montgomery County, Ohio, developing a Pre-Arrest Diversion Model (juvenile oriented) for the county, and growing an organizing vehicle – BFO – focused on the inclusion of formerly incarcerated people.

Edwin started organizing in 2016 focusing on faith communities. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, holds a bachelor’s degree in history from San Diego State University, and currently serves on the boards of Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio and Leaders for Equality & Action in Dayton (LEAD). Edwin also runs marathons, and lives in a home filled with the mischievous pitter-patter of his dog – Jasper.