Jacqueline Curry


Jacqueline Curry is an Engagement Specialist for Nation Outside Michigan, as well as a small business owner. She has several years of experience in advocating for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted when she’s not assisting returning citizens in their quest to secure housing. She works with VAAC where she has spoken to thousands about the importance of voting, registered people to vote who have a criminal background and educated them about their right to vote, and assisted with the Wayne County Expungement Fair, one of the largest in Michigan history.

Jacqueline is particularly interested in changing the narrative of the public regarding individuals who have been directly impacted and cannot secure housing. Jacqueline is assisting with the initiative to pass Legislation HB4878, which will limit the use of criminal background checks for someone with arrest and conviction histories. She holds an associate’s degree in General Studies and has done course work towards her bachelor’s degree.