Kara Nelson


Kara Nelson is a lifelong resident of Southeast Alaska and the Director of Haven House, a grassroots oriented faith-based organization which provides peer support services within a safe and recovery focused environment devoted to fostering healing and self-sufficiency for women returning home after incarceration. Kara identifies as a formerly incarcerated leader as well as a person in long-term recovery. After her release from incarceration Kara reunited with her children and completed her Associates Degree. Kara has become devoted to reentry efforts & transitions, corrections reform, and creating community peer support networks. As such, she serves on multiple boards and coalitions, most notably on the Juneau Reentry Coalition (JREC), co founder of the Juneau Recovery Community Organization (JRCO) and ACHMA -The College for Behavioral Health Leadership.

Kara serves transitional needs of incarcerated people in helping to facilitate Peer Focused Forensic Supports within the Alaska prison system. In her advocacy efforts Kara maintains positions on local panels and public informational gatherings. In her activism she regularly engages with local and state legislators and law makers regarding addiction and incarceration policy. Through the creation of Haven House, Kara has become associated with the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR) and possesses certification in recovery coaching and training.