Kelly Savage-Rodriguez


Kelly Savage-Rodriguez is the Drop LWOP coordinator for the California Coalition For Women Prisoners (CCWP). Kelly was incarcerated for 23 years. In December 2017, Governor Brown commuted her Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentence and she was finally released on parole in November 2018.

As a domestic violence survivor, Kelly was forced to experience the similarities between domestic violence and the violence of incarceration. She was an inside member of CCWP for 15 years and helped initiate CCWP’s organizing to end LWOP campaign. Upon release Kelly has continued finding ways to support individuals inside.

In 2021 Kelly began working with Human Rights Watch National LWOP Leadership Council (NLC), advocating with formerly incarcerated individuals across the U.S. who have all served life without the possibility of parole to help assist with legislation, education, and awareness around the effects of this walking death sentence.