Kevin Ballou


Kevin Ballou is a community organizer and multi-disciplinary creative in Cleveland, Ohio. He has led in campaigns and multiracial coalitions for systemic change within the injustice system. During his incarceration Kevin was able to tap back into his love of creativity and community and carries that with him in everything he does. Some of his goals in life are to end the culture of destruction that draws people into the street lifestyle, and more importantly, dismantling the oppressive systems that continue to perpetuate that culture of destruction. Beyond his organizing work he stays in tune with his artistry through stand-up comedy, improv, poetry, music and acting. He also has experience in producing shows and events and creating platforms for other artists and like minded activists to hold space. He has facilitated many classes and trainings ranging from creative writing skills to organizing 101. Kevin believes that through connecting culture and community, we can create a just and prosperous society.