Latecia Hill


Latecia Hill is a life and business coach, criminal justice activist, and public speaker. She established Gateway Alliance Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering formerly incarcerated women as they reintegrate within our communities and to provide diversion alternatives to underserved, at-risk youth prior to engagement with the carceral system in North Texas.

Latecia experienced a successful 25-year corporate career as an executive in the financial services industry. At age 52, her life was forever changed. She was indicted and later convicted of a felony. Upon her release from federal prison, after having served a three-year sentence, she joined the group of over 70 million Americans with an old criminal record, facing more than 48,000 economic barriers because of it. She does this work from a place fueled by her deep-seated faith, bringing the perspective of an early Gen Xer, and in service to her community.

Latecia strives to empower the people she serves by providing an offering of workshops that cover topics critical to developing sustainable life plans, including self-awareness, purposeful planning, digital and financial literacy, and civic engagement training. She aspires to serve as a beacon of hope for women navigating the challenges of post-conviction life and at-risk youth through the GAP Leadership Bootcamp. As part of her efforts to help establish an equitable and just society, Latecia advocates for policy changes to expand access to record clearance, second-chance employment opportunities, and improved women’s prison programming offerings committed to putting an end to life sentences of post-conviction poverty, thereby improving overall public safety.